Mirror of the source of what appears to be the driver for the GlobalScale Mochabin Wi-Fi 6 card, based on NXP 9098 - Other remote: https://github.com/nxp-imx/mwifiex
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Sherry Sun 31800f43a6 mxm_wifiex: update to mxm5x17322.p3 release
Driver Bug Fixes:
1. Added GPL/NXP dual license header
2. WCSWREL-242: Fixed system rebooted issue after connecting wifi and running bt A2DP stress
3. WCSWREL-310: merge the L5.17 build errors and warnings related to netif_rx
4. WCSWREL-317: merge the build error and warning fix related to eth_hw_addr_set
5. WSW-19664: Fixed VtsHalWifiV1_0TargetTest failure

Signed-off-by: Sherry Sun <sherry.sun@nxp.com>
2022-05-30 17:32:12 +08:00
mxm_wifiex/wlan_src mxm_wifiex: update to mxm5x17322.p3 release 2022-05-30 17:32:12 +08:00