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boger f579a77bfd goodixmoc: add PID 63BC
63BC: Dell XPS series fingerprint sensor
2021-09-17 19:28:51 +08:00
Benjamin Berg 03deb3011b udev-hwdb: Update unsupported device list 2021-09-17 12:54:02 +02:00
Benjamin Berg c7650b6ec9 udev-hwdb: Set ID_PERSIST=0 in hwdb
2021-09-17 12:46:29 +02:00
Aris Lin 128d809227 synaptics: add new PID 0x0123, 0x0126, and 0x0129 2021-09-17 12:42:51 +02:00
Benjamin Berg 9356e895a2 ci: Reference image directly for forks
Otherwise forks will not find the image and things fall apart (due to
the method of how we build the image).
2021-09-15 17:23:00 +02:00
Benjamin Berg 3c2883b992 ci: Pull in diffutils
It is needed by tests/ and is not pulled in
indirectly anymore.
2021-09-15 16:27:17 +02:00
Benjamin Berg eb568a62aa ci: Switch to newer CI templates 2021-09-15 16:27:17 +02:00
Benjamin Berg d763f8f41a elanmoc: Fix warning
Really, it shouldn't matter, as there is no return. But adding the NULL
initializer does not harm either.
2021-09-15 15:54:25 +02:00
Benjamin Berg df41ed56f6 meson: Use source_root() to not require meson 0.56
This fixes the flatpak build.
2021-09-15 15:43:33 +02:00
Bastien Nocera aff063c23c tests: Simplify capture of driver behaviour for regression tests
And update instructions for the simpler method.

Co-authored-by: Benjamin Berg <>
2021-09-15 13:24:08 +00:00
Bastien Nocera e2511095d1 device: Export kernel device from FpDevice
This is inelegant, but allows API consumers to match the FpDevice with
an OS device.
2021-09-15 13:24:08 +00:00
Bastien Nocera 9515cc2e59 tests: Add U.are.U 4500 test 2021-09-09 10:54:48 +02:00
Bastien Nocera b3cfc40dea tests: Add uru4000 test
This test requires control transfer replay fixes that will be contained
in umockdev 0.16.3. Bump the requirement accordingly.

Closes: #412
2021-09-08 20:37:00 +02:00
Benjamin Berg c162b895c0 uru4000: Fix transfer type on interrupt endpoint
It appears the kernel automatically "fixes" this mistake and it works.
the transfer in question is an interrupt transfer and should be submitted
as such. Do that in order to make things more correct and so that the
test can run.
2021-09-08 20:37:00 +02:00
Bastien Nocera 40b3923ca6 tests: Add (another) elan driver replay test
This capture was made using a "COBO" branded device, and uses the new
pcapng format.
2021-09-08 15:36:35 +02:00
Bastien Nocera d7e7d8e036 tests: Add aes2501 driver replay test 2021-09-08 15:25:14 +02:00
Bastien Nocera ec53abfc3a tests: Simplify multiple tests per driver code 2021-09-08 15:24:59 +02:00
Bastien Nocera 83541a2ddc Revert "device: Export kernel device from FpDevice"
This reverts commit 8f93aef122.
2021-09-06 17:34:22 +02:00
Bastien Nocera e22497d51b Revert "tests: Simplify capture of driver behaviour for regression tests"
This reverts commit 0dcb4be4d3.
2021-09-06 17:34:15 +02:00
Bastien Nocera 0dcb4be4d3 tests: Simplify capture of driver behaviour for regression tests
And update instructions for the simpler method.
2021-09-06 17:32:05 +02:00
Bastien Nocera 8f93aef122 device: Export kernel device from FpDevice
This is inelegant, but allows API consumers to match the FpDevice with
an OS device.
2021-09-06 17:32:05 +02:00
Bastien Nocera 8dfa12e41d fp-context: Fix typo in API docs 2021-09-03 20:58:25 +00:00
Marco Trevisan (Treviño) 88cb452e05 fpi-device: Do not include config.h in headers
It should be included in files requiring it only.
2021-09-03 18:49:45 +02:00
Benjamin Berg 909865ed8d Release 1.94.0 2021-08-20 14:36:18 +02:00
Benjamin Berg 39333a0642 doc: Add internal suspend/resume API 2021-08-20 14:36:14 +02:00
Benjamin Berg 4340be728c doc: Add public suspend/resume API 2021-08-20 14:36:06 +02:00
Benjamin Berg dba5ca5535 doc: Add criticial section API 2021-08-19 19:16:03 +02:00
Benjamin Berg 2a70cd7e02 udev-hwdb: Update unsupported list (add synaptics PID 00e7) 2021-08-19 19:03:24 +02:00
Benjamin Berg 3108ac3144 virtual-device: Return empty no-match if unknown SCAN id is passed
This matches the expectation. i.e. we return no-match and we do not
return a scanned print as we don't have anything for it. If we did
indeed return a scanned print, then fprintd would try to delete it
during enroll and would then fail.

Note that we do *not* return a DATA_NOT_FOUND error in the storage
device if the print does not exist. This is because not all devices
support reporting this error. It is therefore more sensible to handle it
gracefully and expect test setups to set the error explicitly for
testing purposes.
2021-08-19 18:59:38 +02:00
Benjamin Berg c928d7bd8f synaptics: Fix error handling when releasing the USB interface
The error may not be NULL, as such we need a second variable and then
we'll only forward any error from g_usb_device_release_interface if
there was none before.
2021-08-10 19:04:50 +02:00
hermanlin ec42b2ade1 elanmoc: Increase of the timeout 2021-08-10 16:45:16 +08:00
hermanlin 4edfa48608 elanmoc: Fix the identify/verify error reporting in identify_status_report 2021-08-10 16:40:03 +08:00
hermanlin 1a5df96751 elanmoc: Return the correct error when the storage is full 2021-08-10 16:34:37 +08:00
hermanlin 62448492af elanmoc: Adjustments to protocol change (passing an empty user ID) 2021-08-10 16:22:54 +08:00
Benjamin Berg 874513e79a ci: Always expose job artifacts for tests
Not having the artifacts means not having the log on failures. So always
expose them (even if in some cases we might only need them on failure).
2021-08-09 16:08:27 +02:00
Benjamin Berg 5c89bda7f3 synaptics: Implement suspend/resume methods
We only allow suspending while we are in the interrupt transfer stage.
To suspend, we cancel the interrupt transfer and at resume time we
restart it.

This has been tested to work correctly on an X1 Carbon 8th Gen with
suspend mode set to "Windows 10" (i.e. S0ix [s2idle] and not S3 [suspend
to RAM]). With S3 suspend, the USB root hub appears to be turned off or
reset and the device will be unresponsive afterwards (if it returns). To
avoid issues, libfprint disables the "persist" mode in the kernel and
we'll see a new device instead after resume.
2021-08-09 16:08:27 +02:00
Benjamin Berg 8147372bdd tests: Add suspend/resume tests
Also update the critical section test to check the order in which the
requests are processed.
2021-08-09 16:08:21 +02:00
Benjamin Berg 43336a204f device: Implement suspend/resume methods
The assumption here is that in most cases, we will just cancel any
ongoing operation. However, if the device choses to implement
suspend/resume handling and it returns success, then operations will not
be cancelled.

Note that suspend/resume requests cannot be cancelled.

Closes: #256
2021-08-09 16:08:21 +02:00
Benjamin Berg 968331c383 tests: Add full USB device hierarchy
The suspend/resume code tries to set sysfs attributes. To do so, the
full hierarchy is needed in order to build the corresponding sysfs path.
2021-08-09 16:08:21 +02:00
Benjamin Berg d547c000fc synaptics: Use critical section API
This is more for demonstration purposes. The only functional change here
would be that the delete command cannot be cancelled.
2021-08-09 16:08:21 +02:00
Benjamin Berg ff6caca2e3 tests: Add test for critical section API 2021-08-09 16:08:17 +02:00
Benjamin Berg 77756e111d device: Add device critical section API 2021-08-09 16:08:17 +02:00
Benjamin Berg 23a4f5b77a tests: Add temperature and overheating cancellation tests 2021-08-09 16:08:17 +02:00
Benjamin Berg 5b7c5e7c09 device: Check for device overheating and abort when needed
Check if a device is too hot. If it is too hot already, refuse
operation. If it becomes too hot while an operation is ongoing, then
cancel the action and force a FP_DEVICE_ERROR_TOO_HOT return value.
2021-08-09 16:08:17 +02:00
Benjamin Berg da28731adc device: Add feature flag for continuous scanning support
Devices that are considered to never run hot will have FEATURE_ALWAYS_ON
set. If set, the UI can safely assume that it is fine to run fingerprint
authentication in the background without other user interaction.

Closes: #346
2021-08-09 16:08:17 +02:00
Benjamin Berg 6440a7d12f device: Add new FP_DEVICE_ERROR_TOO_HOT
This error code will be thrown if we refuse an operation to protect the
device from overheating.
2021-08-09 16:08:17 +02:00
Benjamin Berg 71e0c29f28 device: Always use an internal cancellable for tasks
This will allow libfprint to cancel operations internally in the future.

If the internal cancellation method is used, then the private
current_cancellation_reason variable must be set to the GError. This
error will be returned when set.
2021-08-09 16:08:17 +02:00
Benjamin Berg a2d950044d device: Add simple temperature model for devices
This temperature model has three states:
 * HOT

Device drivers can define the time it requires for the device to get HOT
and COLD. The underlying model assumes an exponential warming and
cooling process and enforces a cool-off time after the device has
reached the HOT state. This cool down period is however shorter than the
specified time in the driver.
2021-08-09 16:08:17 +02:00
Benjamin Berg 96e5888110 tests: Show error message in more failure cases
This just simplifies matters a bit when one messes up during test
2021-08-09 16:08:10 +02:00
mozgovoy dd476c0ccf elan: Add PID 0x0c58 2021-07-30 10:15:23 +02:00