Daniel Drake 659d8346be Compiler flags update
Dropped -Wextra as it is not that useful.
Set compiler flags to be more like the kernel's.
Set std=gnu99
Fixed some warnings.
2007-12-27 01:06:55 +00:00

31 lines
836 B

test suite against NFIQ compliance set
make library optionally asynchronous and maybe thread-safe
nbis cleanups
API function to determine if img device supports uncond. capture
race-free way of saying "save this print but don't overwrite"
Sunplus 895 driver
AES3400/3500 driver
ID Mouse driver
Support for 2nd generation MS devices
Support for 2nd generation UPEK devices
ignore first frame or two with aes2501
aes2501: increase threshold "sum" for end-of-image detection
aes2501 gain calibration
aes4000 gain calibration
aes4000 resampling
PPMM parameter to get_minutiae seems to have no effect
nbis minutiae should be stored in endian-independent format
OpenBSD can't do -Wshadow or visibility
OpenBSD: add compat codes for ENOTSUP ENODATA and EPROTO