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Claudius 1da5a5bccc travis config is now in stages
Signed-off-by: Claudius <>
2019-05-13 19:37:22 +02:00
Claudius aa57b76a4f updating travis config: readable job names, more recent distro
Signed-off-by: Claudius <>
2019-05-13 19:37:22 +02:00
Claudius 806ebe6e1a drop node 6 support
We will no longer test on node6 and instead focus on 8+. This won't
break node6 immediately, but we will no longer go out of our way
supporting a version that does not receive security updates.

Signed-off-by: Claudius <>
2019-05-13 19:37:21 +02:00
Sheogorath 32f6037da9
Update yarn to version 1.15.2
The yarn version we use in CI is quite outdated. This brings up the
problem that it doesn't support semver for git repositories. In order to
fix that problem updating yarn seems to be the right thing to do.

This patch should fix the CI problem caused by the semver git URL.

Signed-off-by: Sheogorath <>
2019-04-10 13:40:54 +02:00
Claudius fb973d2a6f removing doctoc, which is no longer being used
Signed-off-by: Claudius <>
2019-04-01 01:03:36 +02:00
Sheogorath e3b6bcc5f8
After removing ws, node version 10 should work
In my local environment I switched to Fedora 29. Fedora 29 comes with
NodeJS version 10.

As far as I can say, it works, so let's try to remove the restriction to

Signed-off-by: Sheogorath <>
2018-11-19 18:42:28 +01:00
Sheogorath 8cd2f4623d
Remove tests using node version 7
Since node 7 is EOL and may breaks some new builds, we want to get rid of it. But having tests in version 8 would be nice, right? So here we go.

Signed-off-by: Sheogorath <>
2018-09-05 12:18:41 +01:00
Sheogorath faa839ed3a
Use jq instead of jsonlint
As the jsonlint package from NPM causes problems and looks unmaintained,
it'll be replaced with `jq` a well maintained project which allows to
search through JSON files in a `grep`-like style, but knowing the JSON

Signed-off-by: Sheogorath <>
2018-02-19 19:50:01 +01:00
Dario Ernst 31f1db4100 Make travis run shellcheck only on shellscripts
There are only a few scripts in bin/, but not all might be shell. At
least for the moment, it seems reasonable to explicitely enumerate all
shell-scripts in bin/ for shellcheck …

Signed-off-by: Dario Ernst <>
2018-01-29 19:49:04 +01:00
Sheogorath bb37ef87d5
Fix build problem by updating yarn version 2017-12-04 02:42:19 +01:00
Peter Dave Hello 7478dd14e0 Add build, ShellCheck, doctoc & jsonlint test on Travis CI 2017-10-29 23:01:46 +08:00
Peter Dave Hello cae9bb2e7d Use matrix(jobs) in .travis.yml 2017-10-29 23:01:44 +08:00
Peter Dave Hello 711c38403d Remove duplicated nodejs version in .travis.yml
lts/boron is v6
2017-10-11 00:16:11 +08:00
Max Wu b469592db8 Update .travis.yml 2017-09-27 22:26:03 +08:00
Peter Dave Hello f1f0cb7aef Move to Ubuntu Trusty on Travis CI and remove apt add-on
Two reasons here:

1) Ubuntu Precise is reaching EOL, though Travis CI may take care of it.
we still can move to Trusty earlier as I didn't see any dependency of
Precise here.

2) g++4.8 is built-in in Travis CI's Ubuntu Trusty environment, which
means we don't need to spend time on adding ppa repository, apt update
and apt install, could save time on the CI.
2017-04-18 13:17:43 +08:00
BoHong Li cdd8a72d04 ci: Use yarn as default dependency management system
Use yarn in TravisCI
2017-03-24 07:22:02 +08:00
BoHong Li 6cf06837f8 Remove eslint
1. Remove eslint , bacause we use JavaScript Standard Style.
2. Add lts/boron version to travis CI, web use it in docker version

Signed-off-by: BoHong Li <>
2017-03-13 02:23:58 +08:00
bananaappletw 4198d0d560 Add travis ci 2017-02-15 19:11:53 +08:00