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As it was requested to be more visable, this commit adds a migration
section about the introduced config style changes.

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@ -114,12 +114,19 @@ If you are upgrading HackMD from an older version, follow these steps:
6. Run `node_modules/.bin/sequelize db:migrate`, this step will migrate your db to the latest schema
7. Start your whole new server!
* [migration-to-0.5.0](
* **migrate-to-1.1.0**
We deprecated the older lower case config style and moved on to camel case style. Please have a look at the current `config.json.example` and check the warnings on startup.
*Notice: This is not a breaking change right now but in the future*
* [**migration-to-0.5.0**](
We don't use LZString to compress data and DB data after version 0.5.0.
Please run the migration tool if you're upgrading from the old version.
* [migration-to-0.4.0](
* [**migration-to-0.4.0**](
We've dropped MongoDB after version 0.4.0.
So here is the migration tool for you to transfer the old DB data to the new DB.