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  Sergey M․ a726009987
[blinkx] Remove extractor (closes #28941) 4 days ago
  catboy 03afef7538
[medaltv] Relax _VALID_URL (#28884) 4 days ago
  Jacob Chapman b797c1cc75
[YoutubeDL] Improve extract_info doc (#28946) 4 days ago
  Sergey M․ 04be55307a
[funimation] Add support for optional lang code in URLs (closes #28950) 4 days ago
  Sergey M․ 504e4d804d
[gdcvault] Add support for HTML5 videos 4 days ago
  Sergey M․ 1786cd3fe4
[dispeak] DRY and update tests (closes #28970) 4 days ago
  Ben Rog-Wilhelm b8645c1f58
[dispeak] Improve FLV extraction (closes #13513) 3 weeks ago
  Ben Rog-Wilhelm fe05191b8c
[kaltura] Improve iframe extraction (#28969) 4 days ago
  Sergey M․ 0204838163
[kaltura] Make embed code alternatives actually work 4 days ago
  Sergey M․ a0df8a0617
[cda] Improve extraction (closes #28709, closes #28937) 7 days ago
  Sergey M․ d1b9a5e2ef
[twitter] Improve formats extraction from vmap URL (closes #28909) 1 week ago
  Sergey M․ ff04d43c46
[xtube] Fix formats extraction (closes #28870) 1 week ago
  Sergey M․ d2f72c40db
[svtplay] Improve extraction (closes #28507, closes #28876) 1 week ago
  Sergey M․ e33dfb445c
[tv2dk] Fix extraction (closes #28888) 1 week ago
  Sergey M․ 94520568b3
[workflows/ci.yml] Update link to jython-installer 2 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ 273964d190
release 2021.04.26 2 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ 346dd3b5e8
[ChangeLog] Actualize 2 weeks ago
  schnusch f5c2c06231
[xfileshare] Add support for wolfstream.tv (#28858) 2 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ 57eaaff5cf
[francetvinfo] Improve video id extraction (closes #28792) 2 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ 999329cf6b
[workflows/ci.yml] Fix install nose for Jython 2 weeks ago
  catboy c6ab792990
[medaltv] Fix extraction (#28807) 2 weeks ago
  The Hatsune Daishi 0db79d8181
[tver] Redirect all downloads to Brightcove (#28849) 2 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ 7e8b3f9439
[youtube] Remove unused code 3 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ ac19c3ac80
[go] Improve video id extraction (closes #25207, closes #25216, closes #26058) 3 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ c4a451bcdd
[test_execution] Add test for lazy extractors (refs #28780) 3 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ 5ad69d3d0e
[test_youtube_misc] Move YoutubeIE.extract_id test into separate module 3 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ 32290307a4
[youtube] Fix lazy extractors (closes #28780) 3 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ dab83a2597
[bbc] Extract full description from __INITIAL_DATA__ (refs #28774) 3 weeks ago
  dirkf 41920fc80e
[bbc] Extract description and timestamp from __INITIAL_DATA__ (#28774) 3 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ 9f6c03a006
[cbsnews] Fix extraction for python <3.6 (closes #23359) 3 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ 596b26606c
release 2021.04.17 3 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ f20b505b46
[ChangeLog] Actualize 3 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ cfee2dfe83
[utils] PEP 8 3 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ 30a3a4c70f
[lbry] Add support for HLS videos (closes #27877, closes #28768) 3 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ a00a7e0cad
[utils] Add support for support for experimental HTTP response status code 308 Permanent Redirect (refs #27877, refs #28768) 3 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ 54558e0baa
[youtube] Improve stretch extraction and fix stretched ratio calculation (closes #28769) 3 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ 7c52395479
[youtube:tab] Improve grid extraction (closes #28725) 3 weeks ago
  zraktvor ea87ed8394
[youtube:tab] Detect series playlist on playlists page (closes #28723) 4 weeks ago
  Cássio Ávila d01e261a15
[youtube] Add more invidious instances (#28706) 3 weeks ago
  quyleanh 79e4ccfc4b
[pluralsight] Extend anti-throttling timeout (#28712) 3 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ 06159135ef
[youtube] Improve URL to extractor routing (closes #27572, closes #28335, closes #28742) 3 weeks ago
  Aaron Lipinski 4fb25ff5a3 [maoritv] Add new extractor(closes #24552) 1 month ago
  Sergey M․ 1b0a13f33c
[youtube:tab] Pass innertube context and x-goog-visitor-id header along with continuation requests (closes #28702) 4 weeks ago
  Remita Amine 27e5a4464d [mtv] Fix Viacom A/B Testing Video Player extraction(closes #28703) 4 weeks ago
  Sergey M․ 545d6cb9d0
[pornhub] Extract DASH and HLS formats from get_media end point (closes #28698) 1 month ago
  Remita Amine 006eea564d [cbssports] fix extraction(closes #28682) 1 month ago
  Remita Amine 281b8e3443 [jamendo] fix track extraction(closes #28686) 1 month ago
  Remita Amine c0c5134c57 [curiositystream] fix format extraction(closes #26845, closes #28668) 1 month ago
  Sergey M․ 72a2c0a9ed
release 2021.04.07 1 month ago
  Sergey M․ 445db582a2
[ChangeLog] Actualize 1 month ago