Mirror of HackMD with some custom changes
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build status version POEditor Mastodon

CodiMD lets you create real-time collaborative markdown notes. You can test-drive it by visiting our CodiMD demo server.

It is inspired by Hackpad, Etherpad and similar collaborative editors. This project originated with the team at HackMD and now forked into its own organisation. A longer writeup can be read in the history doc.

CodiMD 1.3.2 with its feature demonstration page open

Community and Contributions

We welcome contributions! There's a lot to do: If you would like to report bugs, the issue tracker is the right place. If you can help translating, find us on POEditor. To get started developing, take a look at the docs/dev directory. In any case: come talk to us, we'll be delighted to help you with the first steps.

To stay up to date with our work or get support it's recommended to join our Matrix channel, stop by our community forums or subscribe to the release feed. We also engage in regular community calls (RSS) which you are very welcome to join.

Installation / Upgrading

You can run CodiMD in a number of ways, and we created setup instructions for all of these:

If you do not wish to run your own setup, you can find a commercial offering at https://hackmd.io. This is not the same codebase as this one, but it is a very similar project.


Theres two main ways to configure your CodiMD instance: Config file or environment variables. You can choose what works best for you.

CodiMD can integrate with

  • facebook, twitter, github, gitlab, mattermost, dropbox, google, ldap, saml and oauth2 for login
  • imgur, s3, minio, azure for image/attachment storage (files can also be local!)
  • dropbox for export and import

More info about that can be found in the configuration docs above.

Browser support

To use CodiMD, your browser should match or exceed these versions:

  • Chrome Chrome >= 47, Chrome for Android >= 47
  • Safari Safari >= 9, iOS Safari >= 8.4
  • Firefox Firefox >= 44
  • IE IE >= 9, Edge >= 12
  • Opera Opera >= 34, Opera Mini not supported
  • Android Browser >= 4.4

Our community has created related tools, we'd like to highlight codimd-cli which lets you use CodiMD from the comfort of your command line.


Licensed under AGPLv3. For our list of contributors, see AUTHORS.