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  1. {
  2. "Collaborative markdown notes": "Markdown 协作笔记",
  3. "Realtime collaborative markdown notes on all platforms.": "使用 Markdown 的跨平台即时协作笔记。",
  4. "Best way to write and share your knowledge in markdown.": "写作与分享 Markdown 的最佳平台。",
  5. "Intro": "简介",
  6. "History": "历史",
  7. "New guest note": "新建访客笔记",
  8. "Collaborate with URL": "实时协作",
  9. "Support charts and MathJax": "支持图表与 MathJax",
  10. "Support slide mode": "支持幻灯模式",
  11. "Sign In": "登录",
  12. "Below is the history from browser": "以下为来自浏览器的历史",
  13. "Welcome!": "欢迎!",
  14. "New note": "新建笔记",
  15. "or": "或",
  16. "Sign Out": "登出",
  17. "Explore all features": "探索所有功能",
  18. "Select tags...": "选择标签...",
  19. "Search keyword...": "搜索关键字...",
  20. "Sort by title": "按标题排序",
  21. "Title": "标题",
  22. "Sort by time": "按时间排序",
  23. "Time": "时间",
  24. "Export history": "导出历史",
  25. "Import history": "导入历史",
  26. "Clear history": "清空历史",
  27. "Refresh history": "刷新历史",
  28. "No history": "无历史记录",
  29. "Import from browser": "从浏览器导入",
  30. "Releases": "版本",
  31. "Are you sure?": "您确定吗?",
  32. "Do you really want to delete this note?": "您确定要删除这篇笔记吗?",
  33. "All users will lose their connection.": "所有用户将失去连接。",
  34. "Cancel": "取消",
  35. "Yes, do it!": "是的,就这样做!",
  36. "Choose method": "选择方式",
  37. "Sign in via %s": "通过 %s 登录",
  38. "New": "新建",
  39. "Publish": "发表",
  40. "Extra": "附加功能",
  41. "Revision": "修订版本",
  42. "Slide Mode": "幻灯模式",
  43. "Export": "导出",
  44. "Import": "导入",
  45. "Clipboard": "剪贴板",
  46. "Download": "下载",
  47. "Raw HTML": "原始 HTML",
  48. "Edit": "编辑",
  49. "View": "预览",
  50. "Both": "双栏",
  51. "Help": "帮助",
  52. "Upload Image": "上传图片",
  53. "Menu": "菜单",
  54. "This page need refresh": "此页面需要刷新",
  55. "You have an incompatible client version.": "您的客户端版本不兼容。",
  56. "Refresh to update.": "刷新页面以更新。",
  57. "New version available!": "新版本可用!",
  58. "See releases notes here": "在此查看更新记录",
  59. "Refresh to enjoy new features.": "刷新页面以体验新功能。",
  60. "Your user state has changed.": "您的用户状态已变更。",
  61. "Refresh to load new user state.": "刷新页面以加载新的用户状态。",
  62. "Refresh": "刷新",
  63. "Contacts": "联系我们",
  64. "Report an issue": "报告问题",
  65. "Meet us on %s": "在 %s 上联系我们",
  66. "Send us email": "给我们发送电子邮件",
  67. "Documents": "文档",
  68. "Features": "功能",
  69. "YAML Metadata": "YAML 元数据",
  70. "Slide Example": "幻灯范例",
  71. "Cheatsheet": "速查表",
  72. "Example": "范例",
  73. "Syntax": "语法",
  74. "Header": "标题",
  75. "Unordered List": "无序列表",
  76. "Ordered List": "有序列表",
  77. "Todo List": "清单",
  78. "Blockquote": "引用",
  79. "Bold font": "粗体",
  80. "Italics font": "斜体",
  81. "Strikethrough": "删除线",
  82. "Inserted text": "下划线文字",
  83. "Marked text": "高亮文字",
  84. "Link": "链接",
  85. "Image": "图片",
  86. "Code": "代码",
  87. "Externals": "外部扩展",
  88. "This is a alert area.": "这是一个警告区块。",
  89. "Revert": "还原",
  90. "Import from clipboard": "从剪贴板导入",
  91. "Paste your markdown or webpage here...": "在这里粘贴 Markdown 或网页内容...",
  92. "Clear": "清除",
  93. "This note is locked": "这篇笔记已被锁定",
  94. "Sorry, only owner can edit this note.": "抱歉,只有所有者可以编辑这篇笔记。",
  95. "OK": "好的",
  96. "Reach the limit": "达到上限",
  97. "Sorry, you've reached the max length this note can be.": "抱歉,您的这篇笔记已达到可用的最大长度。",
  98. "Please reduce the content or divide it to more notes, thank you!": "请减少笔记的内容。",
  99. "Import from Gist": "从 Gist 导入",
  100. "Paste your gist url here...": "在这里粘贴 Gist 网址...",
  101. "Import from Snippet": "从 Snippet 导入",
  102. "Select From Available Projects": "从可用的项目中选择",
  103. "Select From Available Snippets": "从可用的 Snippet 中选择",
  104. "OR": "或",
  105. "Export to Snippet": "导出到 Snippet",
  106. "Select Visibility Level": "选择可见层级",
  107. "Night Theme": "夜间主题",
  108. "Follow us on %s and %s.": "在 %s 和 %s 上关注我们",
  109. "Privacy": "隐私",
  110. "Terms of Use": "使用条款",
  111. "Do you really want to delete your user account?": "您确定要删除帐户吗?",
  112. "This will delete your account, all notes that are owned by you and remove all references to your account from other notes.": "您的帐户、您所拥有的笔记、他人笔记中对您帐户的引用都将被删除。",
  113. "Delete user": "删除帐户",
  114. "Export user data": "导出用户数据",
  115. "Help us translating on %s": "在 %s 上帮我们翻译",
  116. "Source Code": "源代码",
  117. "Register": "注册",
  118. "Powered by %s": "由 %s 驱动",
  119. "Help us translating": "帮助我们翻译",
  120. "Join the community": "加入社区"
  121. }