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  1. {
  2. "Collaborative markdown notes": "Collaborative markdown notes",
  3. "Realtime collaborative markdown notes on all platforms.": "Collaborate on markdown notes on all platforms in realtime.",
  4. "Best way to write and share your knowledge in markdown.": "The best platform to write and share markdown.",
  5. "Intro": "Intro",
  6. "History": "History",
  7. "New guest note": "New guest note",
  8. "Collaborate with URL": "Real time collaboration",
  9. "Support charts and MathJax": "Works with charts and MathJax",
  10. "Support slide mode": "Supports slide mode",
  11. "Sign In": "Sign In",
  12. "Below is the history from browser": "Below is history from this browser",
  13. "Welcome!": "Welcome!",
  14. "New note": "New note",
  15. "or": "or",
  16. "Sign Out": "Sign Out",
  17. "Explore all features": "Explore all features",
  18. "Select tags...": "Select tags…",
  19. "Search keyword...": "Search keyword…",
  20. "Sort by title": "Sort by title",
  21. "Title": "Title",
  22. "Sort by time": "Sort by time",
  23. "Time": "Time",
  24. "Export history": "Export history",
  25. "Import history": "Import history",
  26. "Clear history": "Clear history",
  27. "Refresh history": "Refresh history",
  28. "No history": "No history",
  29. "Import from browser": "Import from browser",
  30. "Releases": "Releases",
  31. "Are you sure?": "Are you sure?",
  32. "Do you really want to delete this note?": "Do you really want to delete this note?",
  33. "All users will lose their connection.": "All users will lose their connection.",
  34. "Cancel": "Cancel",
  35. "Yes, do it!": "Yes, do it!",
  36. "Choose method": "Choose method",
  37. "Sign in via %s": "Sign in via %s",
  38. "New": "New",
  39. "Publish": "Publish",
  40. "Extra": "Extra",
  41. "Revision": "Revision",
  42. "Slide Mode": "Slide Mode",
  43. "Export": "Export",
  44. "Import": "Import",
  45. "Clipboard": "Clipboard",
  46. "Download": "Download",
  47. "Raw HTML": "Raw HTML",
  48. "Edit": "Edit",
  49. "View": "View",
  50. "Both": "Both",
  51. "Help": "Help",
  52. "Upload Image": "Upload Image",
  53. "Menu": "Menu",
  54. "This page need refresh": "This page needs to be refreshed",
  55. "You have an incompatible client version.": "Your client's version is incompatible.",
  56. "Refresh to update.": "Refresh to update.",
  57. "New version available!": "New version available!",
  58. "See releases notes here": "See releases notes here",
  59. "Refresh to enjoy new features.": "Refresh to enjoy new features.",
  60. "Your user state has changed.": "Your user state has changed.",
  61. "Refresh to load new user state.": "Refresh to load new user state.",
  62. "Refresh": "Refresh",
  63. "Contacts": "Contacts",
  64. "Report an issue": "Report an issue",
  65. "Meet us on %s": "Meet us on %s",
  66. "Send us email": "Send us email",
  67. "Documents": "Documents",
  68. "Features": "Features",
  69. "YAML Metadata": "YAML Metadata",
  70. "Slide Example": "Slide Example",
  71. "Cheatsheet": "Cheatsheet",
  72. "Example": "Example",
  73. "Syntax": "Syntax",
  74. "Header": "Header",
  75. "Unordered List": "Unordered List",
  76. "Ordered List": "Ordered List",
  77. "Todo List": "Checklist",
  78. "Blockquote": "Blockquote",
  79. "Bold font": "Bold",
  80. "Italics font": "Italicize",
  81. "Strikethrough": "Strikethrough",
  82. "Inserted text": "Underlined text",
  83. "Marked text": "Highlighted text",
  84. "Link": "Link",
  85. "Image": "Image",
  86. "Code": "Code",
  87. "Externals": "Externals",
  88. "This is a alert area.": "This is an alert area.",
  89. "Revert": "Revert",
  90. "Import from clipboard": "Import from clipboard",
  91. "Paste your markdown or webpage here...": "Paste your markdown or webpage here…",
  92. "Clear": "Clear",
  93. "This note is locked": "This note is locked",
  94. "Sorry, only owner can edit this note.": "Sorry, only the owner can edit this note.",
  95. "OK": "OK",
  96. "Reach the limit": "Reach the limit",
  97. "Sorry, you've reached the max length this note can be.": "Sorry, you've reached the maximum length this note can be.",
  98. "Please reduce the content or divide it to more notes, thank you!": "Please shorten the note.",
  99. "Import from Gist": "Import from Gist",
  100. "Paste your gist url here...": "Paste your gist url here…",
  101. "Import from Snippet": "Import from Snippet",
  102. "Select From Available Projects": "Select From Available Projects",
  103. "Select From Available Snippets": "Select From Available Snippets",
  104. "OR": "OR",
  105. "Export to Snippet": "Export to Snippet",
  106. "Select Visibility Level": "Select Visibility Level",
  107. "Night Theme": "Night Theme",
  108. "Follow us on %s and %s.": "Follow us on %s, and %s.",
  109. "Privacy": "Privacy",
  110. "Terms of Use": "Terms of Use",
  111. "Do you really want to delete your user account?": "Do you really want to delete your user account?",
  112. "This will delete your account, all notes that are owned by you and remove all references to your account from other notes.": "This will delete your account, all notes that are owned by you and remove all references to your account from other notes.",
  113. "Delete user": "Delete user",
  114. "Export user data": "Export user data",
  115. "Source Code": "Source Code",
  116. "Powered by %s": "Powered by %s",
  117. "Register": "Register",
  118. "Help us translating": "Help us translating",
  119. "Join the community": "Join the community"
  120. }