2273 Commits (DepauMD)

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  Davide Depau 7b31ddecc3
Merge branch 'master' into DepauMD 2 years ago
  Sheogorath 1a4a0c41a4 Update de.json (POEditor.com) 2 years ago
  Sheogorath 7d67566b96
Update yarn.lock 2 years ago
  Salim B 5e7715a4e2
Slightly improve docker-linux-server.md 2 years ago
  Sheogorath e85f4defbb
Merge pull request #114 from SISheogorath/fix/linuxServerDocs 2 years ago
  Sheogorath 788d8ca933
Fix some minor quirks in the LinuxServer.io docs 2 years ago
  Sheogorath 1ec083a091
Merge pull request #137 from codimd/snyk-fix-90a963f5d1c4d3e15b1c30f372c2f444 2 years ago
  snyk-test 6f588826e0 fix: package.json to reduce vulnerabilities 2 years ago
  Sheogorath 1bfed17f8c
Merge pull request #104 from SISheogorath/feature/dnt 2 years ago
  Sheogorath 2f6e81e4db
Merge pull request #128 from dargmuesli/docker-secrets 2 years ago
  Jonas Thelemann cc78dd0428
Docker Secrets: Add DB URL Support 2 years ago
  Sheogorath 118314d8dd
Merge pull request #119 from lhw/patch-1 2 years ago
  Sheogorath 0d5923d61c
Update sequelize to latest version 2 years ago
  Sheogorath 502fae70a4
Update yarn.lock 2 years ago
  Sheogorath fd2731042f
Merge pull request #107 from SISheogorath/feature/db-upgrade 2 years ago
  Lennart Weller f22a563116 Add SVG image detection based on file extension 2 years ago
  Sheogorath 8612740f82 Update sv.json (POEditor.com) 2 years ago
  Sheogorath 3d2f5daa0f Update de.json (POEditor.com) 2 years ago
  Sheogorath 4b4c6d6168
Merge pull request #111 from CHBMB/ls.io 2 years ago
  chbmb 04d26637d6 Add docker image from LinuxServer.io as an install option. 2 years ago
  Sheogorath 1e48b763d6
Merge pull request #106 from SISheogorath/fix/dco-location 2 years ago
  BoHong Li 63c96e7359
fix: upgrade sequelize to latest version to fix CVE 2 years ago
  Sheogorath 7cdb325e1c
Move DCO into docs section 2 years ago
  Sheogorath 02929cd4bf
Merge pull request #103 from SISheogorath/feature/improve-logging 2 years ago
  Sheogorath da4665c759
Respect DNT header 2 years ago
  Sheogorath b5fc6db75d
Rework debug logging 2 years ago
  Davide Depau d59212ea8b
Merge branch 'master' into DepauMD 2 years ago
  Sheogorath 6462968e84
Merge pull request #97 from SISheogorath/fix/linting 2 years ago
  Sheogorath ae32a12930
Merge pull request #93 from ttasovac/master 2 years ago
  Claudius Coenen 9140ca3c96
Merge pull request #98 from codimd/ccoenen-patch-1 2 years ago
  Claudius Coenen 8d576895ea
mentioning the node 6 deprecation along with the migration guide 2 years ago
  Sheogorath 51d69d993c
Release version 1.4.0 2 years ago
  Sheogorath 4da68597f7
Fix eslint warnings 2 years ago
  Sheogorath ac0bcb1c81
Merge pull request #94 from SISheogorath/fix/mathjax 2 years ago
  Sheogorath 6f4841dcd2
Fix hidden MathJax output 2 years ago
  Toma Tasovac 9e7b081bd9 fixed styling of slides preview 2 years ago
  Sheogorath 3eca0a74ae
Update yarn.lock 2 years ago
  Sheogorath e02defd402
Add Discourse link to footer 2 years ago
  Sheogorath 388f034750
Merge pull request #81 from SISheogorath/fix/codemirrorBottomCSS 2 years ago
  Sheogorath e2990c56fd
Merge pull request #82 from SISheogorath/fix/doubleCount 2 years ago
  Sheogorath 515495bfbc
Merge pull request #83 from SISheogorath/language/vietnamese 2 years ago
  Sheogorath c89c43b0bc
Add vietnamese language 2 years ago
  Sheogorath 0dff8796ac
Fix missing pictures for OpenID 2 years ago
  Sheogorath 5e500de628
Fix CodeMirror toolbar hiding content 2 years ago
  Sheogorath 678d139691
Merge pull request #6 from SISheogorath/feautre/notTooBusy 2 years ago
  Sheogorath 6c62efae2a
Add config for toobusy middleware 2 years ago
  Sheogorath 816ed4ebc7
Merge pull request #77 from SISheogorath/fix/scrolling 2 years ago
  Sheogorath c9af13cf34
Fix hidden header on link 2 years ago
  Sheogorath de669c7b93
Merge pull request #73 from Amolith/master 2 years ago
  Amolith 871d8ea183
remove single quote preceding mastodon link 2 years ago