An application to write OS images to USB drives, on Android, no root required.
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Update on development status

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EtchDroid is an open-source application that helps you write images to USB drives, no root required.

You can use it to make a bootable GNU/Linux USB drive when your laptop is dead and you're in the middle of nowhere.

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  • Supports raw disk images and most GNU/Linux distributions ISOs
  • Supports most DMG disk images (beta)
  • No root - everything is done within the bounds of the Android API
  • Free as in freedom

Planned features

  • Write common GNU/Linux distro in streaming from the Internet without storing it on the device
  • Support for Windows installation ISO (will likely require root)
  • Support for Unetbootin-style image flashing


screenshot0.png screenshot1.png screenshot2.png screenshot3.png screenshot4.png screenshot5.png

Support the project

You can support the development by sending a donation.

See the website:

FAQ/Common issues

See the website: